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Littlefolks Pioneer Camp 2018

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girl and boy on old combine girls digging sticker plants 2 boys with a wagon full of sticker plants group with baby boy holding decorated cupcake two girls watching doe children watching woman make wooden cross girl in hammocks 2 girls decorating tote bags girls in the old farm truck boys in stock tank girl holding puppet boy on barrel boy on pogo stick 3 children on 2 horses The wise man built his house on the rock girl holding young goat Ginger and Calliope The group around the camp sign The group at the old combine with the camp sign

Kingsville, Texas, Crusade 2017

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Ginger and Pinky Poo Ginger and children at the crusade Ginger with more children This boy won a T-shirt Children love Pinky Poo! Ginger and a friend After the crusade Ginger visited friends she had not seen for a long time

Littlefolks Pioneer Camp 2017

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Putting up a tent This oneís almost up! Inside the 1950 grain/cattle truck Marvin illustrates Jesus and the disciples with nails Rope climbing Digging for treasure Some of the treasure we found Supper We had great help from many people! Star gazing Breakfast Flag salute and praising God is always important Singing praise God designs goat families like ours Demonstrating how to show a goat Group watching demonstration Dale and his grandson Cy brought 5 beautiful horses that delighted everyone. The horses were great! We had fresh potatoes, thanks to the ladies who planted them March 11. A potato plant, with the original seed potato and baby potatoes Water balloons Scripture signs We are all in Godís hands! Tulip the marionette Loving Wonder Dog Making bird feeders with pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed We made crosses Tractor wood craft I love the kidsí puppets! Everyone around the camp sign