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Littlefolks Pioneer Camp 2019

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Chinese man hand puppet A sample puppet Tote bag Teens helping get the camp ready Our blown down tree makes a great photo prop! Handmade note saying I Love Camp 2 boys with their wood projects girls picking up loose metal boy sweeping up June bugs Children eating the cookies they decorated Children playing on a pogo stick and on stilts Boy rolling the barrel. Children watching it rain Children watching puppet show Boys playing in stock tank filled with water. Boy on horse

Littlefolks Pioneer Camp 2018

Click on the small pictures to see the full size ones.

girl and boy on old combine girls digging sticker plants 2 boys with a wagon full of sticker plants group with baby boy holding decorated cupcake two girls watching doe children watching woman make wooden cross girl in hammocks 2 girls decorating tote bags girls in the old farm truck boys in stock tank girl holding puppet boy on barrel boy on pogo stick 3 children on 2 horses The wise man built his house on the rock girl holding young goat Ginger and Calliope The group around the camp sign The group at the old combine with the camp sign