Fun Run Through the Bible

I am very excited about our new program for kids to read their Bibles. After you watch this video I hope you will be as excited as I am about getting started. Children need Bibles to work in (which I will provide) and an adult to help them (that’s you or another caring adult). Help familiarize your child with God’s Book!

Bible, CD, reading planIf you haven’t started, please join us. Use the Contact Us form to tell me you’re committed to run with your child, or children, in this race, and I’ll send you a FREE Bible for each child and a CD for kids to sing the books of the Bible. This month’s reading plan and a pencil are also included.

Feedback Desired

How are your kids liking their Bibles? Is the plan working with your kids? Can you adapt it to your child’s age? Please help me improve this program by sending me any of your good experiences or concerns. Write a note and mail it or send an email. Thank you for your feedback!

PDF Reading Plans

(They require Adobe Reader.)

January 2021

February 2021

Contact Us for later reading plans.

Fun Run Bible Quizzes

How much do you remember from your Bible reading? Take a quiz and find out!

Genesis 1-6

Genesis 15-50

Exodus 1-3

Exodus 4 - Leviticus 27

Wonder Dog and Ginger Discuss Genesis

45 Bibles have gone to kids and if you are NOT one of the 45 but want to join us let me know. The Bible, pencil, CD and reading plan are free for the asking. Today Wonder Dog and I made a quick video. Hopefully you will get a bit of a review!

Lamkins Learns about Moses

Lamkins is helping me give an update on the Fun Run 21 Through the Bible. And she is a little scared. If you are reading with us please say “Hi” to her. If you saw her in a church sometime let her know. And don’t forget to check out Wonder Dog’s Bible Quizzes!