Kids’ Crusades

Ginger with puppets

Littlefolks Kids’ Crusades offers a spiritual experience promoting scripture memory while having fun! Children earn points for saying Bible verses to friends, family, and even strangers after asking them to listen while they “quote” their memorized verse for the day. They are rewarded with fun prizes.

Each of Ginger’s ventriloquist characters has a lesson from their own personality that reaches children with different needs. She uses 8-10 different characters each night, including Lamkins, who always begins the crusades with a shy, “I’m too little,” but ends up teaching all of us to sing, “His Little Lamb I Am!” Children love Linus the Lion, who always tells the truth, “And I ain’t lyin’!” he says. They mimic Pinky Poo Pig saying, “Me too tired,” and beg for a kiss (lick) from Wonder Dog, who wonders about everything.

Songs and puppets are a big part of each hour of the crusade, but a Bible story is always included, along with prayer for children to respond to the lesson taught.

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