A Heavenly Home: Helping kids talk about their grief

by Ginger Ingram Brown

A Heavenly Home video, available on DVD or VHS

“Where did Daddy go?” I silently asked after my dad died of a heart attack when I was only seven. I didn’t want to stir up emotions from the family who seemed very close to tears all of the time, so I just didn’t verbalize my question.

Parents want to help children, but often because of their own grief they don’t notice, or maybe don’t know how without showing their sadness.

Grief feelings, bad dreams, making memorials, and laughing are some of the topics discussed in A Heavenly Home video produced by Littlefolks Gospel Productions, Inc. Kids and puppets join Ginger Ingram Brown in her Bread House to talk about one of the most difficult experiences for any child or adult. This 34 minute video is broken into mini segments of 2-4 minutes, so that children are kept captivated, wondering what will be next.

Adults identify, too. Several parents have reported how healing it was for them as they watched it with their child. The messages are simple and fun. One mother said, “I had a tear or two, but you brought me right back, making me laugh again. It was great!”

The video can be stopped at the end of segments to discuss the topic presented. It is then easy to continue with the next topic. Children love to watch it over and over, and a copy of the video in their home would be a great tool of healing.

Viewing the video is essential to all children who have experienced a death of close family or friends. Let this Littlefolks Gospel Productions video help answer questions they don’t even know how to ask.

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Activity Book

A Heavenly Home Activity Book

The Activity Book complements the video with coloring pages, a puppet script, a maze, a word puzzle, activity suggestions for overcoming bad dreams, and more. A place is given on each page for the child to write a question. It is suggested that these questions be listed and mailed in. They could also be used for discussion with a group leader, allowing each child to read one or more of their questions.

Three Activity Book pages

The Activity Book can be used alone, but we feel it is best used with the video or as a follow up. We suggest that those ministering to grieving children on a one-on-one basis watch the video with them, and then use the activity book later. The book can also be sent home with children after they see the video.

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